.... and as I inhale, everything. Becomes. Nothing. And. Nothing. Becomes. Everything.

Splendid. πŸ‘

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Oct 2, 2022Β·edited Oct 2, 2022Liked by Chris Dangerfield

I'm giving this a massive thumbs up & I've not read it properly yet. I've had a tired & emulsional weekend. Well OK maybe not emulsion exactly but mainly water based. Ouzo is 60% water, the other 40% has scrambled my cognitive ability. I'll be on it!

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Oct 2, 2022Liked by Chris Dangerfield

You would like to think that had he not been arrested, a more service-oriented crack dealer would eventually have won market share from him. It seems like a fairly shoddy way to treat your customers, but I get my broadband from Sky so I'm not totally unfamiliar with these practices.

Another cracking little story Danger, keep up the good work.

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Oct 5, 2022Liked by Chris Dangerfield

If you dig up early videos of Tupac he talks like a drama school geek. Who questioned their life choices more that day? The junkies, the Rasta man or the cop?

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Hahahaha, I knew so soooo many of those 'Glen Bandara' types. Many of them from lower middle class families, but puberty had turned them into Jamaican Yardies, accent and everything...

Another great story, Sir!

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Oct 4, 2022Liked by Chris Dangerfield

Excellent Chris. Moves along at a great pace. The observations on addiction are top notch and I find the proposition: treating addiction as a disease is self-defeating nonsense, is very interesting and well worth contemplating.

I hate to be "that guy" but there are two small typos in the second line of the paragraph describing the introduction of crack.

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Oct 3, 2022Liked by Chris Dangerfield

Just brilliant Chris!! I do want to know a few things though, 1) did he wipe? 2) was the baby ok? πŸ˜€

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Oct 3, 2022Liked by Chris Dangerfield

Yes I did venture back. Read it last night off my nut. Left a dodge comment. Read again this morning & deleted comment ha ha.

Great stuff Chris, usual perfect mix of depravity & hilarity.

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It conveyed a complex concept beautifully and simply Chris. The stop - start and yet continuous transition of the initial narcotic effect is very difficult to articulate. But you abssolutely nailed it, using only minimal words, capitals and full stops. It is like a mathematical equation using the toolbox of language.

Always enjoy your writing mate but this was the first time I felt compelled to comment. o7

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Another great story Chris. I will have to catch up on the ones i have missed.

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Add Flight of the Bumblebee to the visual of the Old Bill skidding in shit.

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Nov 4, 2022Liked by Chris Dangerfield

The crack world is a dark place.

I know "rockers" that are still chasing the buzz they got from that very first pipe 25 years ago.

Quite a solitary sport up here, no crack dens in the sticks.

Heard through the grapevine that ice has reared its head in the town.

I hope not.

Nice one Christopher.

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Nov 3, 2022Liked by Chris Dangerfield

Excellent Chris, I remember loads of dealers high on 'powder power' back in the day but 'Glen Bandara' aka 'Daddy Ras' goes the extra mile.

Dark sordid and dirty story....I loved it haha

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Oct 19, 2022Liked by Chris Dangerfield

Great stuff.

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Forgot this was out. Can't really add anything that hasn't already been well said in the comments.

But... a great, punchy piece of writing. One of your most compelling reads yet.

What a grimly tortuous situation that was. Your insights into the mindsets of all involved are always astute and fascinating.

For all the dereliction, I'm always in a strange awe of how some people can exist like this? For all the rattling, it suggests a bizarre fortitude of 'character', however numb at its core?

Gawd knows. I always notice these types on the street, more so since reading you work and I'm always left wondering.

Good stuff, as always. Nice detail about the Schofield. Jah giveth.

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Oct 6, 2022Liked by Chris Dangerfield

Another dark and sordid tale that like many of your other substacks sucks me into a world I have no experience of and keeps me there. From my childhood reading of Treasure Island through teenage years and adulthood I judge writing first and foremost by its ability to engage me . If its fact or fiction and yours is , I guess a bit of both I need to feel part of it even if it is an alien environment. So congrats you join a list of varied authors who have done that. I look foreward to the book and future substacks

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